Helping Believers Worship In Spirit And in Truth

For years churches have asked how we make people come to worship.  We were caught up in counting the number of warm bodies in the pews and forgot what we were supposed to be gathering to do.  We were asking all the wrong questions.  The short answer is, you can’t make people worship. It is humanly impossible; perhaps you could drag them kicking and screaming into the church, as many of us remember from childhood. Still, just being in the building is not worship.  Regardless of the talent of the musicians, the mood of the worship service, the use of worship media, or the skillfulness of the preacher, nobody can make another person truly worship.

Worship is not about our church’s survival or it’s nickels and noses count.  Worship is ultimately for God, not us.  We do strive to provide an atmosphere that is conducive to worship for all and provides the support of community. Yet when we come down to bare bones, worship is a verb, an interaction between you and God. So don’t worry about what they are going to think or what you should wear.  Come, just as you are, to worship God.

Here are some ways that you can share in the worship experience.

(If you have a desire to help in service or witness, contact the pastor so that we can get you on our rotating schedules.)

Bring Your Gift of Presence… each week, God would love it if you were wholly and actively present for worship.

Bring Your Gift of Prayer… holding up the preacher and the worship leaders that God’s message might shine through them. Supporting the community in prayer throughout the week.

Bring Your Gift of Service…

-provide music

-readers theater and drama ministry

-usher or greet

-acolyte, carrying the Light of Christ

-provide refreshments for fellowship time that the community might grow in support for on another
– help with sound and video systems
– help with website design

Bring Your Gift of Witness

-offer to be liturgist; read the word of God and lead the congregation in prayer

-help with Sunday School

-become a certified lay-speaker