Life Lived Stewardship

Being a church leader is more than sitting on a committee, going to meetings and voting.  It involves a life where our spiritual gifts are realized and encouraged by others in our community.  When this happens we are able to be the best stewards of what God has blessed us with.

Like every church we have committees to be filled each year.  The focus is not on who holds what position in the church leadership, but that we as the body of Christ function together to the best of our ability.  We desire to work together to shine for God in our community and to be Christ’s hands and feet in our world.


Here are some ways you could get involved in stewardship with us.

Serve on a church committee…

Share you gift of music or drama in a small group ministry…

Help maintain the facilities; fix it work, ground keeping, cleaning…

Give a financial contribution toward heating, lights, childcare and other basic church bills

Give of your time for visitations, outreach events, work for justice in the community

Develop your personal spiritual maturity and prayer life that you will be ready to answer the call God places one your life for Christian Leadership