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Video #2 Preaching Videos
Video #3 Preaching Videos
Your Homework before attending class has three parts. 
First, on your own or using ideas from the video # 1 select a text from the bible to use for the class.
Second, decide which type of exegetical work you will do with this text.  You will find these ideas in video #2. Spend some time on this research before you come to class.banner46b
Third, select a sermon form that you feel is appropriate for your text.  You will find an introduction to some types with a short explanation in video #3.  Then organize your scriptural interpretation into your selected form.  Should be 5 to 10 minutes.  Use an outline or write to organize your thoughts on paper. 
We will work on the finishing steps together and present our sermons or bible study in class on October 8th.