Ely Children’s Community Theater Opportunity!
Many of our children in the community enjoy the diverse opportunities for sports, but little is offered in the way of the arts until they reach high school. We have found a few people in our community with theater, dance, and music experience who are eager to volunteer their time to help children develop these talent’s as well. We are not looking for professional level theatrical productions , but an educational and positive theatrical experience for the children.


 Ely Children’s Community Theater Announces Casting for Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

Actor Code Part(s)
BS1 White Queen
KS2 Red Queen
SN3 Alice
BN4 Soldier One, Tweedledum
KN5 March Hare
AN6 Lily
CN7 Lory
BM8 Mouse/Dormouse
RB9 Cheshire Cat
TM10 Caterpillar, King of Hearts
HTB11 Knave of Hearts, Frog Footman
SAM12 Fish Footman, Daisy
CEM13 Soldier two, Tweedledee
CM14 Sister
KC15 Duchess
JC16 Humpty Dumpty
SJB17 Dodo
CR18 Mad Hatter
LP19 Mock Turtle, White Knight
EP20 Cook
TP21 White Rabbit
TC22 Queen of Hearts
FS23 Rose


For more information contact Daniel (Director for Summer Show) (435)459-1513 or ElyUMCtheater@att.net

Past Productions Photo Credits Stephen Bishop, Lori Wines, & Suzanne Calhoun
                                         Past shows include:
                       Treasure Island, The Fable Watch, Into the Woods, A Dicken’s Christmas Carol, Cats, Fiddler on the Roof, and Newsies.