Our Mission & Vision

 Mission Statement:

The Mission statement of the United Methodist Church is embraced by this congregation: “To Make Disciples of Jesus Christ For the Transformation of the World.”


 We understand God’s direction for the future of Ely UMC as continuing to honor the current course of ministry to the whole person, spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically.  We articulate our current direction of ministry as
Ely United Methodist Church A beacon of God’s Light and Love in the wilderness; serving our community today and developing our faith for the future. We invite all into our commuity of believers and do not confine the sharing of God’s light and love to the church building.  We are a church with the community of white pine county and the world.

Leadership Team:

Our leadership team  is comprised of volunteer staff and a Pastor appointed to our community by the California-Nevada Annual Conference.  We currently have leaders who have seen this congregation through  years of active ministry as well as several new faces.  God offers many of us a chance to step into new forms of leadership throughout our faith journey.  If you are feeling a call to be a part of the leadership of the church please let us know.

Pastor Suzanne Calhoun, Senior Pastor

As the only appointed Pastor, Suzanne has a challenging job of helping with all church ministries.  She is a particularly gifted preacher and teacher; she teaches children and adult level classes throughout the year. Suzanne brings ancient biblical truths into the context of our modern world and encourages the congregation to make them relevant to their lives today.   Scripture, United Methodist Tradition, Reason, and Experience are all explored in any given sermon series. She is an ordained Elder, wife, parent, and active community member.  She had served in many other church roles in Northern California before moving to Ely for her first appointment.
Suzanne will be leaving Ely UMC July 1, 2019 after 8 years as Pastor here.
We are eagerly awaiting an announcement about who will be coming as our new Pastor in July.

What we believe:   http://www.umc.org/what-we-believe